That's my "handle"

TYou'll find me online associated with that name. It's pronounced (Sz)ahm-ee.


The One that Always Is

This is an evolving and expanding body of work concerning the nature of being human, the pursuit of truth, and the making of meanning.

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Explore the incredible world of my visuak artworks. They are organized in collections and available for sale in certified print or as NFTs

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I am fashioning a post-biblical anti-religion suited to principles of personal identity and the freedom for self-determination

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Logo Free Living

We all tacitly participate in a world of branding where we are both consumer and messenger. Take control of your role and assert that you are a willing participant.

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Ossayu is a sacred journey undertaken to visit a holy shrine in a distant land. That's a metaphor. And on Atria, a literal endeavor.

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Nothing Matters

We are always lost. We are always finding our way. It is a deception to think that we know

  • Who we are
  • What we are
  • Where we are
The ultimate challenge is...

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